Customized Beauty at a fraction of the price you would pay for traditional stone- We can give you the look that you want: any shape, pattern, size, texture and color, in less than half the time of laying stone by stone and for a fraction of the cost.

Quality- We use the new patented technology of Cre8stone which is crushed limestone or quartz combined with proprietary agents to create a strong and durable bond to most surfaces. We have specially certified and skilled artisans who then carve and color to your custom design specifications.

Applies quickly over existing surfaces- We apply Cre8stone over existing interior or exterior walls, brick, tile, counter tops, concrete or flooring. No messy and costly demolition is required in most cases. Projects are completed very quickly.

Durable- Our surfaces are as hard as stone because they are stone or rock. Cre8stone is vapor permeable, eliminating the presence of moisture in the wall and substrate. It’s elasticity also allows for minor movement of the substrate thus minimizing shrinkage and cracking while the free lime continuously reacts to the carbonic acid in the air , healing moderate damage or cracks. Additionally our pigments are absorbed into the stone and never fade.

Energy Efficient- The permeability of our walls allow them to “breath”, and since moisture is not present in the wall, it has excellent insulating properties.

Resistant to bacteria & vegetation growth- The limestone in our products has a permanent alkalinity, eliminating moss, mildews and other growth.

Eco-friendly – Our products are natural limestone and quartz-not synthetic. The Co2 used in the process is reabsorbed during the carbonation of the free lime thus protecting the air. Salts that exist or penetrate the walls pass through and essentially wash off so as not to disturb the balance of our water system.

Lifetime Warranty- All of our products and installations come with a lifetime warranty against product defects


The smarter choice for interior and exterior walls, counter tops, fireplaces, patios, flooring and more