We can cover your existing kitchen our bathroom counter tops at a fraction of the cost of granite or marble. We use a quartz overlay that can go over any existing countertop including Formica, Tile, Cultured Marble or concrete.

Our counters ares just as durable as granite, marble, tile or concrete yet more lightweight and cost-efficient. They can be installed quickly with no cutting or waste . They are seamless, stain, scratch and heat resistant. Our craftsmen can customize any look and color to match your decor.

We can also create a hand-carved back splash to match in the same stone or in a complimentary tile pattern over existing tile, sheetrock, formica or cement board.

Our counters are FDA compliant being nonporous, meaning it does not collect bacteria like real granite and does NOT have the problems of radium or lead that is sometimes found in granite.

Our counters need no maintenance, just clean with Windex.

The smarter choice for interior and exterior walls, counter tops, fireplaces, patios, flooring and more